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HVO: Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil

HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, it refers to biofuel made from plant waste and renewable materials using a specialist method of hydrotreatment. It’s made from certified 100% waste vegetable oils and animal fats and offers up to a 90% reduction in net CO2 emissions. HVO is stable, renewable, sustainable and high-quality, and therefore offers better combustion, filterability and cold temperature performance than regular fossil diesel.

HVO is not biodiesel. It is a fundamentally different fuel to biodiesel, and as such doesn’t suffer from any of biodiesel’s associated issues.

As an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel, HVO offers the following  benefits:

  • Reduces carbon emissions by up to 90%
  • 100% interchangeable with fossil diesel
  • Certified sustainable by ISCC
  • Cleaner local air
  • It can be stored for 10 years
  • Improvements to employees health (It transforms the air quality around engines that run on it)
  • Exceptional performance and reliability
  • No modifications or new equipment required

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