VPM Creative LAB

V.P.M is a creative studio based on audiovisual production and innovation, formed by Joan Nieto and Javier Cañal. The studio specialises in creating video mappings and interactive experiences where light is the fundamental basis of the projects. The Custom House light projection presents a celtic legend of renewal and rebirth, exploring a peaceful coexistence between Artificial Intelligence and human beings, a symbiotic relationship where technology and human beings achieve shared goals.

Light is the fundamental basis of V.P.M projects and music is a source of inspiration in their jobs. Through experimental practice, the studio creates audiovisual shows and unique artistic experiences, based on conceptual design and technological innovation. They are passionate about art, music, science, technology and nature, reflecting all these sources of inspiration in their work. 

The studio experiments with new formats, working with innovative tools and collaborating with artists from around the world to create unique pieces in both the artistic and commercial fields. Their goal is to continue to evolve and break any frontier or artistic barrier by pushing our creative capacities to the limit.

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